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Chef Avijit Ghosh
Corporate Pastry Chef
Hotel Leela Venture Ltd.

A Gastronomic Mastermind Chef Avijit Ghosh specializes in Pastry, Bakery and Chocolates, having immense work experience of 25 years in his field. Chef Ghosh started his career as a kitchen trainee at the Oberoi School of hotel Management, New Delhi.

He has worked with the Oberoi group since in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi for 20 years. Trained at "Le Notre" a renowned Pastry school in Paris, he is one of the best in his field. He is also brings in wide international exposure with his association with Chef Mikeal Azouz, Patissier and Chocolatier from France, Chef Luc Eyrie of Valrhona Pastry school, France.

Currently Chef Ghosh is associated with the Leela Hotels Palaces and Resorts since last 5 years, as their Corporate Pastry Chef, taking care of all the Leela hotels based out of Leela Palace Bangalore.

Having acquired 28 years of rich experience with renowned hotel brands and highly acclaimed institutes the legendary Barry Callebaut Belgium Chocolate Company appointed him as their “Brand Ambassador” for India to promote Callebaut products, to evaluate technical qualities, develop new applications and recipes and train dedicated professionals of gourmet sector.

He was recently awarded "Patissier of Year" at The Food Food awards 2018.

Chef Parvinder Singh Bali
Corporate Chef - Learning & Development
The Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development

He has a degree in hotel management from IHM Kolkata and did his post-graduation from Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development. Chef Parvinder has 25 years of professional experience behind him. He began his career in the hospitality industry with The Oberoi, Delhi. During his illustrious career he has worked with ITC Hotels.

During his tenure with ITC he went touring many countries to do Indian food promotions and festivals. He also opened up an Indian restaurant in Taipei. Chef Parvinder is also associated with culinary schools such as Mausi Sebess in Argentina, Le Cordon Bleu London, The Culinary Institute of America, New York, where he visits as external faculty to take culinary classes for professional Chefs.

He has worked with world renowned MOF Pastry Chefs like Stephane Treand, Stephane Glacier, Jean Francoise Arnaud, Sebastian Chevalier, Martin Lippo and Fredrick Morceau during his professional career. He is one of the only three Chefs in India to have been professionally certified by CIA and American Culinary Federation.

Chef Bali has completed his Pro Certification level 2 from Culinary Institute of America. He is one of the only three chefs in India to have been professionally certified by CIA and American Culinary Federation. He is also one of the chefs in the world, who has scored the highest marks in Pro certification level 2 until the year 2018.
Parvinder Singh Bali

manisha bhasin
Chef Manisha Bhasin
Corporate Chef
ITC Hotels

She is currently holding the position of Vice Chairman for World Chefs Committee of Education at WACS (World Association of Chefs' Societies) and is president of Chefs Guild of India , Board member of IFCA (Indian Federation of Chefs' Societies). She is also the Board Member at Cuisine Indian Society, an initiative by Incredible India, Government of India.

Chef Manisha is presently the Head, Northern Indian Chapter of the youth wing of IFCA and President IFCA, Women's Forum. Chef Manisha was awarded National Award for Best Chef by the Govt. of India. She is the winner of National Tourism Award 2006-2007 for The Best Lady Chef of the year.

Chef Manisha is a nationally and internationally recognised culinary innovator with diverse cuisines under her belt. Known for spearheading her work with the local farmers and encouraging them to grow local produce inherent to Indian terroir, she has made her passion for local produce evolve to fine dining concepts.

Her work on Dehlnavi - the food of Delhi - which was evolved with the influence of conflux of communities, has found many innovations on the plates. Her award winning restaurants, Bukhara and Dum Pukht, are leaders in Indian cuisine the world over.

Pioneer of many concepts like Food Sherpa and INDIgenous Foods, she is a committed advocate for using local seasonal produces which reflects on the cuisine served at ITC Hotels. She developed unique organic locavore ingredients with international flavour for Ms. Hillary Clinton when she visited India in 2011; showcasing the commitment to the environment.

Chef Manisha has developed food safety modules in vernacular language, which can be easily understood by personnel at the grass roots level, thus empowering them with the knowledge to create a safe work and home environment.

She endeavours to keep the flavours intact in the food by keeping in line with the traditional preparations and originality of cuisine, and at the same time, she creates new combinations and experiments with food without compromising on the food legacy.

She believes that one has to be passionate about cooking to be a successful Chef. Chef Manisha has hosted leading dignitaries like the President of the United States, Mr. Barrack Obama twice, and other Heads of States like the Emperor of Japan, Mr. Putin, Mr. John Major, PM of Singapore. She has also hosted other globally renowned personalities like Bill Gates, Roger Federer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to name a few.

Chef Arvind Prasad
Executive Pastry chef and Director of Academics
Whitecaps International School of Pastry

Chef Arvind’s entry into pastry wasn't actually intentional. He joined Hotel management in 1998 and decided to be chef. His love for eating dessert and sweet tooth made him choose Pastry as a career. His Father wanted him to become an engineer though he was always fascinated to do things differently. Adapting colour techniques and flavor profile made his entry in the world of international style pastries.

Soon he got an opportunity to work with some of the finest International pastry chefs at Hyatt. He was always fascinated about chocolate and science behind baking. His performance was well appreciated and soon he was one of the core members of pre-opening Team of Park Hyatt Dubai.

Leading the team in setting standard for pastry was his key motivation to learn new techniques. While he continued to push the boundaries of the sweet course, he was offered to join Panini-The Pastry Shop in Grand Hyatt Dubai. He was engaged with Hyatt most qualified Pastry - Chef Gottfried Schutzenberger. He is still his role model. Coming from both savory and pastry training, he created desserts marked with interesting textures and thoughtful integration of savory and sweet.

He later moved to ITC for pre-opening property and set the new International style dessert throughout operations. He also continued and extended support to other ITC hotels in country. In 2014 he received the title for “Best Chocolate Showpiece” in the country, in World Chocolate Master. Later he designed signature modern pastries for Fabelle – The luxury Chocolate Boutique by ITC hotels.

Though he was very happy working with ITC hotel, but somewhere in his mind he wanted to spread his knowledge to others and spread sweetness. To materialize his thought, he decided to open a pastry and baking school Whitecaps International School of Pastry and the big day was 16th November 2016. This was a beginning of creating new benchmark and living the dream to bring best pastry chefs for the industry and platform for Cake artist. Arvind enjoys with Young minds and he believes that he himself learns from them.
Gordon Galea

manisha bhasin
Rakesh Sethi
Corporate Executive Chef
Radisson Hotels Group, South Asia

After completing his education from The Institute of Hotel Management, New Delhi, Chef Rakesh Sethi has over three decades of experience in best hotel kitchens’ across the country. He has worked for the hotels chains like - The Oberoi’s Group, Leela Hotels and Intercontinental Hotel. Currently he is the Corporate Executive Chef at Radisson Hotels Group. He is responsible for overseeing dining experiences at all the Radisson hotels, ensuring that the best practices are implemented and coordinate with other units with specific focus on pre-opening, streamlining operations and improving service while preserving highest levels of quality. During his recent tenure at Radisson Blu hotels, he has been involved in designing exclusive menus, creating progressive Indian cuisine dishes and presenting his interpretations of traditional Indian recipes in contemporary style. Chef Sethi is an award-winning, progressive culinary professional with a unique blend of creative flair and passion for food apart from possessing a strong business sense and engaging interpersonal skills. He has natural ability to create enthusiastic, productive working environments with customer-oriented professionals, guiding & directing financial analysis, troubleshooting operations and recommending effective cost controls. He has been a host of many renowned food shows in the Indian television screens which made him a ‘Celebrity Chef’. He also had a rare distinction of working for Hon’ble President of India, Mr. R Venkatraman as a Senior Cook at Presidents Estate.

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